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If Data Is The New Oil, When Is The Extraction of Value From Data Unjust?

Le Bon Gouvernement. A Précis

A Reply to Comments

Clean Trade, Anti-Paternalism, and Resources’ Entitlement

Is “The People” the Best Way to Make the World Just?

Of Blood, Oil, and Engaged Political Philosophy

Towards Less Dirty Trade, More Human Rights Protection, and More Public Accountability over Resources

Blood Oil. A Précis

Symposium: Gridlock: Why Global Cooperation is Failing When We Need it Most

Editorial Preface

Justice in the Auditorium Gardiner’s Theory of Intergenerational Justice

Symposium: Illiberal Views in Liberal States


Philosophy and Public Issues (ISSN 2240-7987) – Filosofia e questioni pubbliche – addresses problems of contemporary societies from a philosophical point of view. It is published by Luiss University Press and edited in the Department of Political science of Luiss University, Rome (Italy) since 1992.