LUISS University Press

NS, Vol. 10, no. 3 (2020), Enhancing Love? (ed. by Mirko D. Garasic)

§ Book Symposium: On Brian D. Earp and Julian Savulescu, Love Drugs

§ Book Symposium


Psychedelic Relationship Enhancement. Love Drugs. A Précis

Love in the Posthuman World: How Neurointerventions Could Impact on Our Societal Values

No Love Drugs Today

A Plea for Follow-Through


The Non-Individualistic and Social Dimension of Love Drugs


What Is Love? Can It be Chemically Modified? Should It Be? Reply to Commentaries

§ Papers

Love by (Someone Else’s) Choice


Enhancing Maternal Love?


Chemical Dehumanisation of Love vs Authentic Evolution of Love

Chemical Love: Bioengineering Emotions in Contemporary Fiction